The Hardest Sports to Bet on



Making a bet on a sport you like adds an element of excitement that is difficult to recreate. It is more important when you put money, even if it is just a few dollars. It’s about showing that you are right and have more information than the bookie. However, cashing winning tickets is not an easy thing. Even the most experienced bettors can sometimes lose. This is especially true if you are dealing with “tricky” sports. To keep your winning curve on a top online betting website up, we have decided to share the most difficult sports to bet on with you. 


For starters, information on the NBA is readily available. It is one of the most watched athletic leagues in the world, with a large number of games played each season. So, there is plenty of information available.

Another key reason NBA basketball is simpler to wager on than other sports is because it often has dynasties that overpower the league for many years. Since 2000, three distinct dynasties have been expected to win the NBA title or at least reach the conference finals each year. The Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors all had extended stretches of success, which made betting simpler.

Finally, a basketball court is always the same, and games cannot be disrupted by gale-force winds or storms. This makes it simpler to forecast what a certain player will shoot from the free throw line and reduces the number of factors involved in predicting the result of a playoff series.

College Football

College football has a solid “dynasty” argument, which is why it rates second on our list. While college football playoff victories may not transfer as well as NBA Championship victories, the same teams often dominate season after season. Since the playoffs began in 2014, Alabama has had the most appearances, victories, and titles. Clemson and Georgia have also had great teams, notably the 2022 Georgia Bulldogs, who went undefeated for the whole season and won back-to-back National Championships.

In theory, this makes college football one of the most accessible sports to wager on. Divisional minnows seldom overturn long-established schools. So, although there are never guarantees in sports betting, it would be surprising if Georgia did not accomplish the three-peat this season.


MMA is by far the most recent sport on our list. This suggests that the depth of skill and competition may be lower than in other sports. In women’s MMA, there have been a slew of dominating champions during the last decade.

Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko, Cris Cyborg, and Amanda Nunes have all had times as champions during which many commentators declared them unbreakable and most opponents were written off before they ever entered the cage. Men’s MMA is also full of big champions, such as Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Another aspect of MMA that benefits punters is that fighters often have a distinct style that guides how they approach an attack. For example, Israel Adesanya, the current UFC Middleweight Champion, participated in nearly 80 professional kickboxing or boxing contests before beginning his MMA career. Adesanya has never won via submission in his MMA career since his skill set prefers hitting. His opponents are also less inclined to engage him in striking since he is a specialist. This may assist bookmakers on a live betting website to forecast not just the result of bouts, but also the number of takedowns attempted.


Golf is a famously difficult sport to play and wager on. Golf’s mental and physical demands test even the world’s finest, particularly in the majors. Golf tournaments are typically played outdoors over four days, so players will face a wide range of circumstances. Many major championships are heavily influenced by the weather. Rain, especially wind, may ruin an excellent round or transform a good score into a terrible one. Golf professionals must also navigate varied terrains and rely on Lady Luck when the ball departs the fairway.

Choose What You Like

A key to your betting success is a properly selected sport. Pick the one that you are interested in and like watching.


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