Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from the “selfie epidemic” and has plans to live on “billionaire Island”

Cristiano Ronaldo: Living the dream on “billionaire Island”

Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from the “selfie epidemic” and has plans to live on “billionaire Island”

How much Ronaldo paid for his new land

It seems that Cristiano is preparing to live in the Middle East for a long time. He is now building a new house, for which he bought a piece of land. He chose a special place for the land: Jumeirah Bay Island. It is one of the artificial islands. The island is shaped like a seahorse and was designed as an exclusive area with restaurants, gyms, hotels, and yacht clubs. This island is known as the “Island of the Rich,” where people of great fortune live. Ronaldo will have respectable neighbors. The land cost 25 million euros. A mansion will be constructed there, which will be finished by the end of the year. Of course, Cristiano can afford these costs. In 2023, Ronaldo’s earnings were $260 million per year, with $200 million coming directly from his club, Al Nassr, and $60 million off-field. 

Thus, Cristiano is not just the highest-earning soccer player but also the world’s highest-paid athlete. In the current Euro 2024, he has shown confident play. Even without scoring goals yet, he has been very helpful to the team in the two matches that Portugal won. Ronaldo has a good probability of receiving the best player award in this cup. According to bookmakers, he is not the leader, but he is in the top 10 on the list. You can check the odds on the Bet365 Brasil platform.

 Ronaldo’s records

The transfer to the Saudi Arabian club was called a retirement, but in this Eurocup, he has shown that he is still in the game. He has already set some records, being the first player to participate in six European Championships. He has played the most games and spent the most minutes on the field. More records can be achieved; if Portugal reaches the final, he could be the oldest player to participate in a final and the first player to have played in three Euro finals.

 Fans desperate for a selfie

Cristiano’s popularity is extreme; he has the most popular Instagram account (excluding the official Instagram account) with 633 million followers. It’s no surprise that there is a “selfie epidemic” with Ronaldo during the competition. Fans try to seize any opportunity to take selfies, even during the game. In the last game between Portugal and Turkey, five fans tried to take photos with Ronaldo. The first, a little boy, succeeded. After the game, UEFA punished the kid by banning him from all Euro 2024 games. The punishment was lenient, without a fine, likely because he was a minor. The penalty could have extended to his parents, but it seems they were not punished; the boy’s father claimed he had no idea of his son’s intention and got away with it. Nonetheless, the kid is happy now that he has a picture with his idol, fulfilling his dream. The one who doesn’t seem happy is Portugal’s coach. Roberto Martinez questioned the security, noting that while these fans had good intentions, someone with bad intentions could enter the pitch. It’s worth mentioning that there have been some incidents before. Some fans tried to invade the hotel where Ronaldo stays, and others invaded the Portugal team’s training session. UEFA announced that any incursions onto the pitch would result in severe punishments. However, it’s hard to believe that the announcement will stop the fans.


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