Friday, August 7, 2020
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Chris Pratt Defended His Church After Ellen Page’s Attack

This is not the kind of Avengers and X-Men crossover we were expecting to see! Chris Pratt defended his church after Ellen Page criticize...

“Juno” Cast 10 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Hamburger phones, blue icy barf, tic-tac’s, boysenberry condoms, and Sonic Youth. How could we not love Juno?! Long before the days of Teen Mom, Juno...

20 celebrities who are feminists

These powerful ladies are all incredibly gifted and revered in their fields, but they are extra awesome for using their talents to fight for...

20 sexy same-sex celebrity couples

Take a look at these 20 amazing same-sex couples. Many of them have been proud voices in the fight for LGBT marriage equality.

15 celebrity vegans we admire

While most celebrity trends can be preachy and incredibly annoying, veganism is actually a healthy and environmentally responsible diet option if you have proper...

15 gay actors who famously played straight characters

Ellen Page recently criticized Hollywood for pigeonholing some gay actors into a limited scope of characters. Check out this list of openly gay actors...