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15 Reasons Why We Love Mandy Moore (And You Should Too!)

From 90’s pop princess to terminally ill patient during the 2000’s to now mother of triplets in the emotionally riveting TV drama This Is Us, Mandy Moore has always hold a special place in our hearts. There’s just something about

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Golden Globes 2018 Fashion Rulebreakers: 15 Stars Who Skipped The All-Black Dress Code and More

Last night, the 7th edition of the Golden Globes ceremony turned into a 500-shades-of-black parade. The biggest names in Hollywood took the red carpet wearing all-black in solidarity with the anti-harassment, sexual assault, and abuse movement in their industry. But

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15 Graphic Pictures Of Celebrities Who Have Injured Themselves

Celebrities have fame and fortune, but some of them could use some good luck in the health department! Whether they are unlucky, clumsy, overly adventurous, or this simply are part of the occupational hazards, these celebrities have severely injured themselves—some

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“A Walk To Remember” Where Is The Cast Now?

It’s hard to believe “A Walk to Remember” was released 15 years ago. Seems like it was yesterday when sweet Jamie Sullivan and tough Landon Carter made us uncontrollably sob as we watched their tragic romance. Nicolas Spark’s best movie

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Justin Timberlake ‘emotionally scarred’ Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore has revealed that Justin Timberlake emotionally scarred her as an impressionable teen trying to make it in the music business. While appearing as a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the 32-year-old said she was

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