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15 Surprising Facts To Further Fuel Your Taylor Lautner Obsession

We’ve been in love with Taylor Lautner for as long as we can remember. From shark boy, to teen werewolf, to crazy vindictive doctor, we’ve never really fallen out of love with Taylor Lautner—not even after he wore that hideous

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Happy Michigan Day! 15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Born In The Great Lake State

Michigan is a unique Sate in America no only because it’s the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes—hence why it is often called The Great Lakes State—but also because it is where many of today’s greatest

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10 Taylor Swift songs about her exes

Now that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have arrived in Splitsville, we can safely assume there will be a scathing hit single on its way. Let’s have a look back at 10 songs Taylor Swift has written about previous exes.

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Taylor Lautner offers T-Swift’s number on Instagram

Taylor Lautner probably should have joined Instagram many moons ago already, but what an entrance! The Twilight heartthrob made use of the new 60-second video feature like a seasoned pro in a sketch featuring cameos by Adam Sandler and David

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