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Cakhiatv is one of the premier football viewing destinations, recognized and highly regarded by many. Therefore, it deserves to be a destination of quality and trustworthiness.

Cakhiatv, one of the leading live football channels, has stepped into the popular world through high-quality broadcasts and a passion for football. With a team of talented journalists and outstanding expertise, Cakhiatv has provided fans not only with intense matches but also in-depth analysis, offering a true experience of the beautiful game.

The Origin of Cakhiatv

As a specialized live football channel, well-known and popular within the football-loving community, the channel’s inception began with the passionate dedication of the founding team towards the beautiful game and a mission to provide the best experience for fans.

Initially, Cakhia tv was conceived as an idea, a small project with a simple goal of sharing the passion for football with the community. The founding team dedicated their time and enthusiasm to build this platform, combining expertise and technical abilities to create unique and high-quality television content.

Thanks to the perseverance and relentless efforts of the team, Cakhiatv quickly became a reputable and reliable television channel for football enthusiasts. Particularly, creating numerous live programs, football news, and in-depth match analyses attracted a vast audience and established their name in the media market.

Mission of Cakhiatv

Cakhia tv, one of the leading live football channels alongside names like 90phut, Rakhoitv, k+,… focuses on the important mission of providing an excellent and diverse experience for football fans.

Serving the Football Community

Cakhiatv has set a paramount goal of serving and meeting the deep-seated needs of the football-loving community. The channel understands that football is not just a sport but a passion, an emotion shared by millions of sports enthusiasts. Cakhia tv positions itself as a fan, listening to opinions, remembering each experience, to create cohesive and diverse content to bring joy and excitement to the football-loving community.

Quality and Diverse Content

Committed to delivering quality and diverse content, Cakhiatv focuses on constantly updating the latest events, matches, and news from the world of football. By leveraging top experts, enthusiastic reporters, and advanced technology, the channel creates live programs, analysis, interviews, and interesting news. Additionally, Cakhia tv continually improves the quality of visuals and sound, providing viewers with the best and most enjoyable online experience.

Promoting Viewer Interaction and Engagement

Cakhiatv aims to promote active interaction and engagement of viewers in all its activities. The channel not only introduces content but also provides opportunities for viewers to participate in live chats, comments, and discussions on social platforms. Cakhia tv frequently organizes online events, predicts match outcomes, and answers viewers’ questions, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and connected community around the shared passion for football.

Celebrating the Cultural Identity and Unique Values of Football

Cakhiatv values and celebrates the cultural identity, history, and unique values of football in each country and region. The channel not only conveys information about matches and players but also explores and shares special stories, successes, and challenges that football has brought to society. The channel senses and spreads this passion, helping the audience understand more about the beauty and profound meaning of this sport, thereby fostering pride and love for it.

Building a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Environment

Cakhiatv is committed to contributing to a better society by building a sustainable and socially responsible environment. The channel focuses on introducing and promoting moral values, environmental consciousness, and societal awareness. The channel regularly participates in charitable activities, fundraising, and supports social projects related to football and sports, thus building trust and a positive influence on the community and the surrounding environment.


Cakhiatv, a leading live football channel, is committed to providing a multi-dimensional experience for football fans. With diverse, high-quality content and high interactivity, Cakhia tv aims to build a football-loving community while focusing on social responsibility and a sustainable environment.


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