How Novak Djokovic Deals With Negative Emotions

In a world affected by the corona virus pandemics, people feel a much stronger need to
overcome negative emotions caused by long periods of isolation, all kinds of prohibitions,
constant fear for our own lives and in many cases even a loss of a loved one. It seems like
more and more people are having psychological disorders caused by these negative emotions that they don’t know exactly how to deal with.

Novak Never Gives Up
Let’s take a peek at how Novak deals with stress and negative emotions and still manages to be number one tennis player and potentially “the best of all times”, as some like to call him.

The most famous Serbian in the world claims that the key to a healthy and happy life is doing what you love, having a healthy lifestyle and the ability to deal with stress on a daily basis, not only on a court but also in the real life. Novak also admits to sometimes having trouble sleeping and eating and all that stress that accumulates day after day, simply needs to find a way out. Sometimes hitting a ball hard is just not gonna cut it, says Novak, the true strength and power does not come from never going down, but from how quickly you are able to get up. Novak especially underlines the importance of never giving up, no matter how hopeless the situation seems to be.

The Importance of Self-Reflection
Needless to say, there’s no psychologist or psychiatrist in the world able to fix you if you are not willing to fix yourself. Novak claims he had had many difficult moments in his life,
starting with the bombing of his home country in 1999 when he was only 11 years old, along with his family’s debts from loan sharks so that he could make his way to the top and the constant pressure to succeed and be the best. Known for his impulsive reactions at first, he was criticized by many, however, the time showed Novak was able to not only overcome his impulsiveness but also become number one tennis player for 7 years now, beating Peter Sampras´ record in 2020.

Novak claims he has done a lot of hard work in order to achieve his psychological strength
and become invincible, such as doing yoga, meditations, trying different kinds of therapies
and especially his belief in higher power called God. His faith has also played an important
part in his lifetime success and after every victory Novak always looks up in the sky and says “thank you”. Novak is also one of biggest admirers of Nikola Tesla, the most spiritual
scientist in the world and is said to even have similar physical appearance with the Serbian
engineer and physicist who electrified the world and forever changed the 20th century.

Entertainment Actually Works
There is a growing number of coaches and therapists who highlight the importance of using
our free time to disconnect even if it doesn’t include doing something productive. In the
capitalist society it is repeatedly said that time is money, and that if you are not being
productive you are wasting your time. However, we should bear in mind that all that stress
needs to vent and occasionally what we need is to just set our mind at ease and not think
about our problems. Novak says he always does his best to take the time for himself when he needs to disconnect and often likes to relax going out with his friends and simply forget about everything. In covid times it is more likely for people to seek entertainment online, especially in Novak’s home country, where the winters are too long and people don’t usually spend too much time on the streets. Maybe that’s the reason why best online casinos in Serbia are becoming more popular now with a higher percentage of people seeking online entertainment. The main idea is to have a great time online playing the most popular games while also feeling secure that they are regulated by trusted authorities. Different types of bonuses and promotions, as well as many payment options available are offered to existing members of the site.

Having Time for Yourself
In order to be able to follow all Novak’s advice on how to reduce stress and handle negative emotions, it is essential to make an effort and find the time for yourself. Although having free time is a luxury for many people nowadays, it is our responsibility to provide the time in order to be able to relieve stress and anxiety before they cause health issues and reduce our quality of life. It sounds easy, but having free time in the 21st century remains a challenge for most people involved in a constant financial struggle.

Father of two, happily married and highly successful, Novak represents a role-model for
many people. As he said many times, the time continues to be our most valuable “possession” and the harder we work the more stress we need to release.


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