What You Need To Know To Shoot Videos Like A Pro

Movies often inspire us to wish we could make videos like these – but we don’t always know what we are capable of. It requires a certain level of technical expertise and artistic understanding to create good videography. It takes more than just pushing record to make great footage. These are the tips that every pro should know.

The hard way taught me how to be a professional photographer, for good or bad. The only guarantee I can make is that you won’t look like an amateur, where you can’t hold the camera steady.

Do Your Best To Be A Student

Knowing your tools is just as important as knowing any craft. In order to ensure your image does not include motion blur, increase the shutter speed when filming your son’s baseball game, for example. Your camera’s focus will be affected if you’ve zoomed in to get the subject closer, so make sure that the focus is on manual so that you don’t miss what you’re trying to capture. To be successful, you must learn the tools and read the manual. It may seem daunting at first, but by applying yourself to each concept and applying yourself to the shooting, it will start to make sense and become second nature. You may want to keep a cheat sheet on hand in case you need it.

Video Game Shooter Clicks And Rates Could Be Improved

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Light My Way

The quality of the camera does not matter. You’ll be able to tell in your video if you have poor lighting. The quickest solution to overcome lighting issues is to shoot outdoors early in the morning or late in the afternoon. How come? When the light is less harsh during these hours, it produces a smoother, softer look in videos – no shadows cast over the eyes, no squinting, and not as much washed-out skin tone.

It’s important to pay attention to the direction the light is coming in the room if you must shoot indoors. You should avoid taking shots close to windows that are bright behind your subjects. It is not important to overexpose your foreground subject while the background is properly exposed. If possible, have the light come from behind you towards your subject. Also, let as much light in as possible. Low light levels suggest that you temporarily disable autofocus, otherwise you might experience problems when the camera tries to focus.

Audiophile Hi-Fi

A good sound is often overlooked but a bad one is certainly heard. It takes a lot of work to make a good sound, but it’s doable. Most cameras come with pretty basic microphones that aren’t regarded as high-end. If you are working with some uncontrollable environment, then you must get as close to the source as possible so that your recording is as clean as possible. Make sure your recordings are as clean as possible by monitoring them with headphones.


When shooting a good shot, a good composition is everything. It is the rule of thirds that professional videographers follow and it is a rule that you should follow as well. Take a look through your viewfinder and picture a tic-tac-toe board. It has four points where lines interact. One or more of those spots should be used to frame your action.

There is no absolute rule in art, and you may feel free to break it if you’re feeling creative. Do not alienate your audience: be careful not to offend them.

Video B-Roll

In addition to the main shot, B-Roll typically serves as a cutaway shot linking the two. It also gives you the option of hiding unflattering shots or mistakes you made during the shoot by using the cutaway of b-roll footage. When you film a wedding, you might capture photos of the church, the invitation, and the little couple on the cake. In order to cover up mistakes and add variety, you can mix in footage when you’re cutting your movie.

Hard rules do not exist. The possibilities are endless. You will see that B-Roll is used constantly in television shows and news stories. You can think of it as the glue that connects and ties scenes together. Gaining experience will allow you to visualize your edit and what shots you need before you shoot. You will get better with practice!


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