Britney Spears clarifies after controversy with “fake knives”


In recent days, Britney Spears became a social media sensation when she shared a video of herself dancing skillfully with two knives. The artist was approached by the police after posting.

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According to the website TMZ, a member of a team specializing in mental assessments visited the singer to ensure her safety, after receiving an alert from someone close to her. The officer spoke with the celebrity’s security guards, who assured her that she was fine, although reluctant to communicate.

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After Britney’s refusal, the officer left. The singer later clarified on social media that the knives were fake. “I know I caused concern with the last post, but these knives are fake and were rented by my team at the Hand Prop store in Los Angeles.

There is no reason to worry or call the police,” he assured. Spears also revealed that she was inspired by Shakira. “I’m trying to emulate one of my favorite artists, Shakira. It was a performance that inspired me. Here’s to us, fearless women, who don’t hesitate to overcome barriers and take risks”, he concluded.


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