Britney Spears says she was copying Shakira after posting video of her dancing with knives


This Tuesday (26), Britney Spears asked her fans to “lighten up”, after her video dancing with knives, plus another video with a bandage on her arm.

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In her Instagram account, she posted a video dancing with a cropped white long-sleeve and pink bikini bottoms, plus white boots. “Lighten up about the knives I’m copying Shakira”, she wrote in the caption, referring to the singer’s performance at the MTV VMAs earlier this September. 

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The video with the knives was posted on Monday (25) and she can be seen dancing with a cropped orange and white bikini bottoms, plus the two knives. Although she wrote in the caption that they were fake, her fans got very concerned, especially after she posted another dancing video, with a white bandage in her arm. 

In the video saying she was coping with Shakira, Spears did not address the comments about the bandage. 


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