Kourtney Kardashian calls Kim Kardashian a “narcissist” in heated conversation


Kourtney Kardashian calls Kim Kardashian a “narcissist” after a heated conversation about the Dolce & Gabbana drama. 

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In the premiere for the fourth season of Hulu’s “Kardashians”, which streams Wednesday (28), Kim called her sister to explain the contractual obligations she still had with the brand. This drama started when Kim decided to partner with the brand, just a few months after Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker, which was styled by Dolce & Gabbana.

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The two sisters had already argued about this subject at the end of the last season of the show, and agreed to watch back to see what each other was saying about the feud. Kourtney said that this made her “not want to be around” her family, and Kim insisted she wasn’t plotting with the brand during her sisters’ Italian nuptials. 

“You’re talking about the bulls—t details because it’s all your egotistical, selfish mind can think about, you cannot stand someone else being the center of attention. You came to my wedding, you couldn’t be happy, you complained from the second you got there until the second you left.” said Kourtney. 

Kim cut her off and asked why she thinks “so low of her”. “I want you to dig deep and figure out why you hate me so much and why you are so angry with me because all of this never happened!” Kim exclaimed. “I was so happy for you.” After the fight, Kourtney ditched the family vacation to Cabo and flew to Palm Springs with Travis. 


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