New love: Taylor Swift would be involved with player Travis Kelce

"Taylor and Travis have been going out discreetly". (Photo: Instagram)

Last Friday (15), according to the “Daily Mail” website, Taylor Swift was getting romantically involved with player Travis Kelce and that the relationship had been going on for some time. The romance would have started months after the athlete was dumped by the singer.

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Sources close to the stars tell the website “The Messenger” that Taylor Swift had met the player while she was recovering from a knee injury: “Taylor and Travis have been going out discreetly. She saw him when she was in New York a few weeks ago”. 

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In his podcast “New Heights”, led by the Kansas City Chiefs player and his brother, Jason Kelce, in a joking tone, the athlete reveals that he went to one of Taylor Swift’s shows in the United States but was unable to deliver a bracelet that he had made for the singer.

Soon after the player’s speech, Taylor Swift’s fans and followers went to the singer’s social and official networks with the aim of influencing the artist’s choice of her loves and, from all indications, the action managed to capture the singer’s attention as a Kansas City Chiefs player. However, until now, the singer and athlete’s press team have not responded to the rumors.


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