Strike in Hollywood: Studios and screenwriters announce meeting for next week


The strikes in Hollywood have gained a new chapter, as the studio association announced that it will resume negotiations with the writers’ union next week. The information is from Variety.

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According to the information, “the WGA contacted the AMPTP and requested a meeting to advance the negotiations”.

With this, according to the statement sent, AMPTP said the following: “We agree and are working to schedule a meeting next week. Each AMPTP member company is committed and eager to reach a fair agreement and work together with the WGA to end the strike.”

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The last meeting between the two parties took place on August 18 and went nowhere. Few concessions were made and the impasse continues – which brings enormous harm to the quality of life of workers, and consequently to the entertainment market, which is already suffering from project delays and cancellations.

For now, only the screenwriters are negotiating with the studios, as the actors, who are also on strike, only return to meetings after the WGA strike ends. The strike began in May.

The Actors Guild includes voice actors, TV and film actors, presenters and more. Theya are calling for better wages and benefits, and a fair residual pay structure that reflects the value of their contribution to the production, taking into account growth in the number of streaming services and their popularity.

Another concern of the actors concerns Artificial Intelligence. They fear that they may end up losing not only their jobs, but also control of their own image because of this.

By going on strike, the Actors Guild joined the Screenwriters Guild (WGA) in a strike that is expected to affect several sectors of the Hollywood industry. This is the first actors strike in 23 years.


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