Fans pay tribute to Matthew Perry at the show’s building

The renowned interpreter of Chandler Bing from the series
The renowned interpreter of Chandler Bing from the series "Friends" was tragically found lifeless in the residence's hot tub at the age of 54 (Photo:Twitter)

“Friends” fans are paying tribute to Matthew Perry, who passed away on Saturday at age 54, by placing flowers outside the New York apartment building that served as the set for the series. Perry, famous for his role as Chandler Bing on the show, was fondly remembered by fans.

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Authorities confirmed that there were no signs of foul play and no illicit substances were found at the scene. Enthusiasts gathered at the apartment building located in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood, where the characters Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel lived throughout most of the series. This six-story residential building sits above a Mediterranean restaurant called Little Owl and has been an iconic location since the first episode of “Friends” in 1994.

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In addition to the visual tributes, fans also shared an excerpt from an interview Matthew Perry gave on a podcast last year, where he expressed his wishes for how he would like to be remembered after his departure.

“When I’m gone, I know people will be talking about ‘Friends,’ and I’m grateful for that, grateful to have done solid work as an actor, as well as to have provided the opportunity for people to laugh at my internet battles.” , said Perry. “But in terms of my supposed achievements, it would be amazing if ‘Friends’ was listed right behind the things I’ve done to try to help others. I know that might be a distant hope, but it would be wonderful.”


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