The Best Equipment for a Good Computer Setup in Your Home Office


Today, the world revolves in a technological age and no longer are as many of the workforce commuting to the office each day. Instead, they’re investing in reliable home office equipment and setting an office in their spare room, where they’re then either working for the company or for themselves. 

To perform successfully, it’s essential they have a good computer and office set up. Of course, this isn’t just handy for work, but also for hobbies where tech plays a major role, such as gaming and investing. Below is a look at what you need for a good computer and home office setup. 

A solid Dell XPS computer

Whether you’re in the thick of gaming action or creating a presentation for a pitch, you don’t want your computer to fail. The Dell XPS line looks the business and performs well. These sleek, light computers are svelte in design and have powerful processing. Desktop or laptop? Take your pick. The result’s the same: outstanding performance. 

Or you could go with a trusty Apple Mac. If you’re working with multimedia, they’re especially reliable. You can also upgrade them if you need more from your computer. They may cost a bit more, but they’re not unreasonably priced and they’ll give you what you’re looking for. If you have other Apple devices in your home or your office, such as a mobile phone, you can link it up to your Mac to receive messages while you work. 

If you happen to be browsing on your computer, for work or pleasure, note that search engines have default bookmarks. If you come across a site you happen to like or want to go back to later, such as for your online casino gaming, you can bookmark the page and go back to it when you need. Google, for instance, will save a search or a bookmark on your Google account.

ASUS IPS Monitor

Whatever you’re doing, you want to see it on the best screen possible. Step forward the ASUS IPS monitor. It’s a 24-inch screen beauty and will serve you loyally for years. The monitor boasts a 1,080 pixel resolution, leaving your images looking sharp, and has a 75 Hz refresh rate so you can game smoothly. If you want a change of scenery, you can invest in a portable monitor, which feeds into your laptop for its energy. They’re quite fashionable these days. 

Flexispot BS11 Pro office chair

You’re going to be sitting down a lot, so it’s important to be comfortable and maintain good posture. You can do both when you sit in the Flexispot BS11 Pro. The ergonomics are tremendous and, even after long periods, you’ll still feel amazing comfortable in this chair. It’s strong and solid. However, if you already have back pain or aren’t prepared to invest the time necessary to assemble the chair, then it’s better to avoid. The lack of lower lumbar support means the chair won’t help to fix existing back pain and it also takes some time to put the chair together.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones

When you’re having to get the company figures right on the spreadsheet, you need to be able to hear yourself think. Easier said than done if you have kids running around in the next room, traffic is rushing by your window or construction work is going in the area. Enter Bose QuietComfort Ultra noise-cancelling headphones, which block out sound and have impressive audio so you can hear what you tune into and shut out what you don’t. They have a battery life of 24 hours, so you can get several days of office hours out of them before it’s time to charge them up again. 

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e wireless printer

Despite the digital nature of most of office-related work these days, not all tasks have cancelled out the need for paperwork. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e is an all-in-one device for printing, scanning and copying tasks. The printer is user-friendly and works almost as fast as a laser printer. In fact, it’s a neat little device that doesn’t take up too much desk space and will deliver good quality graphics. 

Logitech MX Master 3S wireless mouse

This mighty wireless mouse is comfortable, quiet and can even switch between devices. It’s happy to operate on any surface, even glass, and will give you 70 days of use when the battery is full. A one-minute top-off charge will give you an extra three hours of use if you run low on battery. Make this one part of your computer setup. 

For a good office setup, you need reliable equipment. Don’t forget, of course, you’ll need a sturdy desk. You may even wish to add a standing desk so you can switch between the two and stave off fatigue during your working day.


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