Understanding The Value of Safe Faxing For Business Security


Every business today must protect sensitive data. Americans lost $27 billion to scam artists between 2013 and 2022, and cybercriminals are getting smarter. Monetary losses are only part of the equation. Victims also face identity theft and reputational harm, so every business must prioritize securing sensitive information from unauthorized access. 


Business owners must secure all communications involving sensitive data, and advanced encryption technology allows them to do so. When they use the mFax API, only authorized recipients can see encrypted data, eliminating the risk of this data being intercepted or accessed by unauthorized parties—the security of the data increases.


Cryptography is another way to protect confidential documents during exchanges. Quantum computing has reduced the need for classic cryptography, leading many people to believe it will no longer be applicable. That is not the case. Quantum cryptography uses quantum mechanics to bolster security. 

Cybersecurity Measures

The introduction of new technology doesn’t mean tried-and-true methods should be discarded. People should still use antivirus programs to protect themselves. VPNs continue to increase in popularity, and countless individuals rely on password managers today. Each layer of protection builds upon others for a secure fax environment. 

Recipient Verification

Individuals must ensure they send documents to the proper parties. Identity verification goes beyond confirming the person’s name and email address. The sender must confirm the recipient is who they claim to be and that they are present and prepared to receive the documents. Both parties must build digital trust. The fax service must also provide a way for users to track communications. 

The Benefits of Online Faxing

People might think using digital faxing options is a hassle because they must worry about cybersecurity. However, online faxing comes with several benefits. Fax providers understand businesses must comply with industry-specific rules and regulations, such as HIPAA and the Dodd-Frank Act. These providers ensure their services make it easy for companies to do so. 

Online fax is cost-effective. Businesses won’t need to purchase and maintain physical fax machines, as the documents can be sent and received using their own devices. Toner isn’t required, and the company won’t need to pay for paper, a dedicated telephone line, and other expenses associated with physical fax machines. Most fax providers also allow users to scale services as their needs change. 

Furthermore, online fax options are environmentally friendly. People won’t need to print hard copies of documents, as they are stored in the cloud. Less paper is wasted, and only one natural resource is conserved with the help of digital faxing. Water and energy are used in the manufacturing of paper. By eliminating the need for hard copies, a person conserves several natural resources. 

Faxes are legally binding documents and can be accessed anywhere a person has internet access. They won’t need to return to the office to verify information in a sales contract or other agreement, for example, because it is right at their fingertips. These documents also allow for digital signatures, making life easier for all parties involved in the exchange. 

Business security improves when online faxing options are used rather than conventional methods. Security is only one reason people are making the switch, so learn more today and see if digital faxing is right for you. Most people will find it is ideal for their needs. 


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