Be an eternal apprentice and learn to leverage your skills


    At least once a day you make one of those questions: “How will be my final test?”, “Should I move to another place?”, “What will I do for Christmas?”, How to win big at casino usa?” and so on. Our urge we fell to know more about something is always there, we are ready to poke around and figure something out, that’s because we are naturally lifelong learners.

    Always try to learn something

    Anything, you can look for learning literally anything, there is no problem if in a moment you do a course about web design and in the other you want to learn about cell phone maintenance for example. Only sounds crazy if you mix everything up and don’t accomplish anything, but if you do one course after another, learn one thing after another, try one thing after another, you will be better than so many people that you don’t even imagine. Now knowing about web design and cell phone maintenance, you could start opening a little maintenance company with a website in the internet since you know how to do the two things.

    Be an eternal apprentice!

    Luck is only a small part of a player’s life. Being at the final table is the result of years of dedication, studies, victories and even defeats. A good professional knows that each move contributes to enrich his resume and increase the chances of winning the game.

    And alongside learning is also the practice and study of opponents. Isaac Haxton, the New York player who has racked up more than $23 million in tournaments, revealed that analyzing his opponents and his moves helped him develop his own game. What he means by that is that reading the poker tells is essential to predict the strength of your opponents’ cards specially once you are playing at nz online pokies.

    With that, we can realize that we must always be open to new lessons and attuned to our external world. Always studying and evolving is part of the actions that make us better in all areas of our life.


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