How Do Casinos Choose the Music They Play to Customers?


    The role of music within the casino industry isn’t a secret. Studies highlight the impact the right songs can have on the user experience, making players feel more relaxed and less tense by creating a soothing atmosphere. Also, melodies, from pop music to the sound of coins coming out of a slot machine, provide positive reinforcement.

    Still, casinos have to choose which tunes to play, whether online or in-person. Get it wrong and the experience will be reduced, causing people to bounce to competitors. Thankfully for wagering establishments and their customers, the following techniques help to avoid this.

    C Flat

    Research proves that certain melodies are more pleasant than others. A prime example is the C chord, especially a flat C. Unlike other notes, it specifically makes people feel happier and more nostalgic, leading to an enhanced player experience for both remote and land-based establishments.

    Studies into popular Western tones highlight how hospitality-centric sectors rely on repeating relatively simple and short patterns for this exact reason. Just as important is the fact that chord progressions in British and US pop music are easier to store in a person’s long-term memory, making the effect more powerful among regular players.

    The C chord isn’t only reflected in the choice of background music, but also the noises of common casino features. For instance, slot machines are often programmed so that their sound effects are in this key.

    Music & Familiarity

    The more familiar the music, the higher the likelihood that casinos can appeal to different demographics. In essence, casinos need to engage customers to grab their attention and keep it, and music is ideal since familiarity is a vital component in engaging listeners on an emotional level. According to Portuguese research, familiarity results in songs being liked 1.4 times more than unfamiliar music.

    The ability to use music has grown substantially as the industry has invested in technology. For example, the latest slot machines let casinos personalize the types of sound effects users hear. Online, the introduction of mobile applications has made games much more accessible, leading to an increase of regular customers.

    As a result, applications that utilize music are available throughout the US, from PA casino apps to NJ, WV, and MI, and many more are expected in the future. By using familiar songs, casinos can improve the user experience, in addition to offering bonuses and other customer incentives. This is something that’s easier than ever thanks to the introduction of mobile technology and more advanced slots.

    Easy Listening

    Songs tend to be easy to listen to because it aids the unobtrusive nature of online and land-based casinos. Also known as “Muzak”, this form of music has been around for decades, and casinos aren’t the only establishments to use them.

    Retail stores encourage shoppers to make conversions with the help of classic tunes or soft jazz as intense music is a turn-off. The difference between casinos and traditional stores is the entertainment aspect of casinos.

    Instead of relying on speakers and radio channels, wagering premises hire bands and singers to add even more value to the music. Of course, the use of cover artists also ensures the songs are familiar, killing two birds with one stone.

    The next time you frequent a casino, virtually or otherwise, keep an ear out for the melodies. The chances are that the most-picked tracks will be recognizable, easy to listen to, and played in a flat C chord.


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