How to Upgrade Your Personal Style for Different Occasions


    Your personal style is a unique expression of your own personality. Even if you don’t think you have a distinct personal style, the way you dress always affects the way people perceive you, to a certain degree, in different aspects of your life. So, we can’t deny that our selected outfit matters.

    Hence, if you want to stay true to your personal style when you’re attending an interview or exclusive events, we have picked top style tips to help you upgrade your outfit and look your best.

    Get Inspired

    The first step is to get a sense of the dress-code that applies to that specific event. Of course, not every event comes with a set of written rules, but you can generally get a sense of the dress code based on what other people are wearing.

    For example, if you have a date at a sporting event, most people are dressed casually, wearing sneakers, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts. So, there’s no need to dress-up for this kind of event, but you can still add a personal touch to your outfit and pick a statement piece like an accessory, scarf, jacket, or backpack.  Otherwise, if you choose to stay at home and watch a football match, you can wear whatever you like, and there are definitely more options for your outfit. You can visit a reputable site like Sportsbet and make bets on various sporting events.

    This will definitely make your date even more exciting, and as we know, football is extremely popular in Brazil, and you can definitely make bets on football matches. Besides, there are many other options offered like tennis, cricket, rugby, so you can definitely pick something that suits your taste.

    Style Tips for a Professional Interview

    When you are going to a networking event, or you have an interview, you want your outfit to boost your confidence, but it should also comply with the dress-code policy of the company. The best way to have a clear idea of the dress –code is to visit the website of the event or the company.

    They might share the information explicitly, or you can also find photos from the staff and notice what they’re wearing. For example, if the dress code is formal business attire, then you need to pick more professional clothes, including tailored pants, skirt suits, and business shirts.

    Even if your personal style is more casual, you would need to make some changes. The same applies if you’re attending a networking event. Always check the dress code beforehand, and find photos from past networking events.

    In case the company approves smart-casual outfits, you can wear dress shoes, dark jeans, a blouse, dress pants, or a skirt. Don’t forget that even you feel that you have limited options, and you can always find ways to remain stylish and showcase your style through accessories, jewelry, or cool shoes.

    Style Tips for Special Occasions

    Special occasions like weddings, cocktail parties are perfect occasions to present your style and get creative. Cocktail parties are less dressy than black-tie events, so you can wear a short cocktail dress, pick a great pantsuit, or a fancy knee-length skirt.

    When you’re attending a black-tie event, you need to take into consideration dressy outfits like gowns, floor-length dresses, white cocktail dress, and matching accessories that elevate your look. So, you can definitely pick a glamorous outfit for black-tie events.

    Final Thoughts

    The dress-code always has an impact on the outfit you’re going to choose. At the end of the day, no one wants to stand out for all the wrong reasons. But, we all feel great and radiate confidence when we’re comfortable with our clothes. This is why it’s important to craft your personal style based on your personal preferences. Then it will be easier for you to and adjust your look to specific occasions.


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