Why Choose a Stringed Instrument Over Other Types of Instruments


    Music has played a significant role in our life as it affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. And while music is something that most people love, each of us have different preferences in genres, as well as the type of instruments we want to learn. Some may love instruments that produce mellow sound such as violin, cello, and piano, while others may prefer louder beats and prefer bass drums and electric guitars.

    When it comes to classification, in most cases, aspiring musicians often opt to start with stringed instruments. Mostly because it’s one of the most highly used instruments in the music industry. Listed below are some other reasons why it’s a good idea to choose a stringed instrument.

    Reasons to choose stringed instruments.

    • People often choose this type of instrument because they find it easy to learn the chords and strumming the strings. 
    • It’s lightweight and comes in various sizes which attracts aspiring musicians to learn stringed instruments. They will not have a hard time bringing the instrument to different places when they decide to enroll in an actual school or when they’re just moving it around when cleaning or organizing the whole practice room.
    • Aside from these facts, stringed instruments are also budget-friendly, unlike other musical tools. This is why you should also carefully choose where to buy your instrument. Do a research first and see which store would best fit your budget and might offer a discount for first time customers. If you’re eyeing a cello to be your first instrument, make sure to buy from a trusted cello shop that will offer you the best cello that fits your budget. 

    Popular string instruments 

    In the past years and until the present day, there are popular stringed instruments introduced. It became part of the culture and beneficial when being played during festivities. Below is the list of the following musical instruments that became popular with musicians:


    • Bowed Stringed Instruments


    One of the well-known bowed stringed instruments is the violin, and part of its family is the Double Bass, Viola, and Cello or Violoncello. They are popular because many people are still interested in watching live performances or orchestras. The bowed stringed instruments’ sounds are generally suitable for relaxation to calm the brain from psychological disorders; physical benefits like good posture; and emotional stability because of the happy hormones it produces when you listen or play the instrument.


    • Guitar


    This fretted musical instrument is popular with young people since it is easy to learn because of the chords it has, unlike keyboards which require reading sheets. The guitar is also a low-cost instrument because a beginner can purchase it for less than $1,000, making it more achievable for aspiring musicians.


    • Harp


    It is famous for its melody and harmony and known for it has the same sound as the piano’s white keys. A harp is always part of an orchestra because of its beautiful tune, making the whole performance an unforgettable and meaningful experience for the audience. Because of its heaven-like design and style, it gives off a classically pleasing look in the eyes of the viewers.


    Many reasons indicate why aspiring musicians should choose stringed instruments among the other types of musical instruments available in the market. Aside from the facts mentioned above, here are some key takeaways:

    • Stringed sound-producing tools are attractive because of the mellow sound they produce,
    • The convenience these instruments give for people to learn quickly, 
    • The price it offers for people who love to know more about musical instruments but do not have enough money to start the journey ranges from $200 to $10,000, and
    • Lastly, it is relevant for people of all ages and available worldwide


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