How to Visit your Dream Destinations with a Small Budget?


    One of the most common misconceptions about traveling is that you need tons of money, a limitless credit card, or someone to pay it off for you. Fortunately, this is untrue; traveling sure costs money, but there are ways to travel and still make it easy for your wallet.

    You don’t need to be rich to travel to your dream destination. It may sound impossible, but there are plenty of ways to travel; you just need to get a bit creative.

    This article will highlight a few tips to plan and fund a vacation on a tight budget.

    1. Start saving

    One of the biggest hurdles preventing you from traveling is the scarcity of money. If you plan to visit a particular destination, the first thing to do is create a budget. This way, you can establish precisely how much you need for the trip.

    After establishing your budget, you need to start saving. Start by cutting down on your unneeded monthly expenses. For example, if you catch a movie every other weekend, compromising on that will help you save a few dollars toward your trip.

    Being more frugal, minimizing your daily expenses, and downgrading to a simpler way of life allows you to save some money for your destination trip without having to look for an extra source of income.

    If you are already living on a tight budget, it may take you longer to save enough to travel. However, longer does not mean never, and a little bit saved every day will add up to a lot after some time. It is essential, therefore, that you start saving early enough before your travel date.

    2. Take a travel loan

    Another easier and common way to finance your travel plans is to get a quick loan. Based on your salary, credit score, and repayment ability, many banks and financial institutions offer instant quick  loans to employed people.

    A quick loan is simply an unsecured loan; it means you do not need to pledge an asset against the loan you borrow from the bank. The bank uses your income as surety when granting you the loan.

    Some of the reasons why taking a quick loan has become a popular and preferred means to finance vacations include;

    • You do not need to pledge any asset to access a personal loan

    • Most banks and financial institutions offer an online loan application process that is easy and convenient for you

    • You can access any amount granted you are creditworthy and eligible.

    • The loans have a flexible tenure, and you can choose from 12-48 months to repay.

    Quick loans are commonly taken for home renovations, school fees, medical bills, or wedding expenses, but the most popular choice is using them to fund your dream destination travel plan.

    3. Avoid traveling during the high season

    Every tourist destination has a high and low season, whether you plan to carve the slopes or relax on the beach. Depending on when you choose to visit, accommodation, activities, and flight charges vary dramatically.

    Shifting your trip by a month or two and being flexible with dates could end up saving you a lot of money. You can easily work out the best time to visit your dream destination by checking the season prices on websites for the cheapest rates. In addition, fewer crowds is another benefit of traveling during low seasons.

    1. HitchhikingHitchhiking is a perfect way to move around for less money or even for free. If a friend or family is traveling in the direction of your dream destination, why not ride with them and save a few bucks?

      Depending on the country you wish to visit, hitchhiking styles and laws vary. Research before your trip to avoid getting stuck on the road without getting a ride for using the wrong gesture. For example, the most common way to hitchhike is standing next to the road with your thumb up.

      Ensure to do so in a safe place, not only for you but for the driver to pull over safely. Some drivers may expect a payment, so it is important, to be honest and let them know that you are tight on cash.

      Some may drive off, while some could be kind enough to offer you a ride. Use the ride as an opportunity to learn more about the traditions, culture, and language of the people. Such knowledge about the country could also help hitch through during your stay.

      Being interactive with the driver will also build trust, and if they were to drop you in the next town, the great connection could earn you a ride to your final destination.

      5. Find an online job to do while traveling

      Another great way to enjoy traveling on a budget is finding a way to earn while you travel. Thanks to the internet, this isn’t a crazy idea. Even with the most basic skills, there is an online freelancing job you can earn money from.

      The best part about online jobs is that it does not restrict you and all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop to work.

      Pack up your laptop and work on the go!

      6. Find cheap or even free accommodation

      Airbnb is one of the most common cheap hotel alternatives, mainly because you have a kitchen to help you cut down on meal expenses by cooking for yourself.

      Another cheap accommodation option for younger travelers, common in big cities like Rome, Paris, and London, is staying in youth hostels. It is a fun and cheap way to travel, especially because it also offers you a chance to socialize.

      Check out the hostels from sites like HostelBookers or by conducting a simple google search for hostels in your destination city.

      Alternatively, if you have family or friends in your chosen destination, reach out and have them host you during your stay.

      7. Cheaper means of transport

      Booking a flight ticket to your destination could be expensive, especially if you are not traveling too far. If this is the case, consider saving money by using the scenic routes. Taking the bus or traveling by train are good cheaper options to use. They are adventurous ways to move around while saving you some valuable dollars.


      with the right attitude, some level of flexibility, and proper planning, nothing is standing between you and your dream destination.

      Cheap travel is not only good for your wallet but your soul. It prioritizes the delight of exploring new places over the need for a luxurious experience.


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