The Most Common Mistakes While Essay Writing


    Every student desires to get the best grade from an essay. A stellar performance will earn you that good grade, scholarship, an opportunity to represent the school, and such other benefits. However, this dream is suffocated by minor mistakes. Buy essay online to boost your performance as well as save time that you would spend holed up in the library writing essays, only to end up with a poor grade because of mistakes.

    Essay writing mistakes deny a lot of students deserved grades. Poor performance will also result in lost opportunities. Here are common essay writing mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Choosing the wrong topic

    It is probably the worst place to start for a student. The topic is a vocal point for everything else you will do in your essay. If the topic is wrong, nothing else will matter.

    A topic is considered wrong or poor if it does not capture the expected subject matter. Choose a topic that is relevant to your area of study and level or academic pursuit. For instance, the scope of a topic for a high school essay is different to that of the same topic for a PhD thesis. Choose a fresh, strong, and interesting topic for your essay.

    Failure to plan your ideas

    The hurry to complete a paper will cause you to begin writing without planning. You end up with haphazardly placed ideas on your paper. Planning results from thorough research. Read extensively about the topic before settling down to draft the paper.

    Develop an outline that guides you on the best idea to place at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your essay. Such organization means that your ideas will be strategic. The strongest ideas will appear at the beginning to make the paper more interesting. You also close the essay with strong ideas that will resonate long after the reader is done with your paper.

    Waiting until the last minute

    The best essays require adequate time to draft. Begin working on your essay immediately it is issued. It leaves you with enough time to research, analyze data, review literature, and draft the best paper. You will also have more time left to edit and proofread the paper before submission. Submitting the paper in a hurry exposes you to numerous mistakes.

    Mixing formatting styles

    The department issues instructions on how to format each essay. You must follow these instructions to the letter. Stick to one formatting style to avoid confusion. In fact, each formatting style is reserved for a particular discipline. Mixing formatting styles results in confusion as the reader tries to trace the reference materials used.

    Stick to one formatting style and execute it accurately. Use samples to guide you during formatting. You may also use online formatting tools to enhance your accuracy.

    Edit and proofread your paper once you are done. Do not submit a paper with errors. According to expert blogs, the errors mislead the reader and will misrepresent your ideas. Counter check the essay against all instructions issued to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Avoid these common mistakes and you will earn the best grade.


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