Tips For Small Businesses To Keep Customers Happy


    If you are a small business owner, then this article is catered to you. Customers are integral to the success of your business. So, to increase business success and profits, you must do everything within your power to keep customers happy and content. If you are successful in doing this, it is more likely that the customers will stay loyal to your brand and potentially recommend the company to their peers, generating more profit for the company. This means that customer satisfaction, which is how well your product or service meets customer expectations, and customer service, being the interaction between a customer making a purchase and a company employee, are crucial components that must be heavily considered within your business plans.

    This is because good customer satisfaction and customer service will ensure that your brand and public persona are strengthened and will ensure that you are more likely to retain customers. So, now that you know why it is important to keep customers happy, this article will highlight some of the ways in which your small business can keep customers happy.

    1. Delivering high-quality products or services

    If you want your customers and consumers to be happy, you must give them the best and highest of quality products or services (depending on the nature and type of your business). There are many ways to improve the quality of your products and/or services to ensure customer happiness, which will be listed below.

    • Leadership- Leadership and effective management is the factor that unifies all components of quality. If you lack proper and effective leadership and managerial capacity, it is very unlikely that the business will deliver high-quality products. This is because, without strong, talented, and capable leaders that run throughout the company, the ability of different teams to function and achieve aims is limited. All teams need a leader and/or a manager to be successful. This is because managers and leaders are able to delegate tasks, and their job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and that employees are happy and doing their jobs properly. Importantly also, without good leadership, it is likely that effective communication between different members within and outside the team will be lacking. Since communication is another key aspect that can either enable or hinder an organization’s ability to deliver high-standard products or services, the lack of it further limits the potential of a business to achieve its aims.
    • Investing in product operations – If you want the product that your business sells to be as great as it can be, you should probably consider investing in product operations. Why? This is because product operations will allow the streamlining process to be as efficient as it can be. Aspects of your business which can be streamlined include communication with the product team and other organizations, planning, training programs, and resources.
    • Continuous improvement- There is always something that can be improved within a business setting. Whether that be the productivity of employees, the design of a product, or a processes/activity that can be completed in a shorter space of time. So, in order for your business to deliver the best product, it needs to be flexible and adaptable (i.e.., it needs to be constantly working on improving). One way in which the improvements can enable customer happiness is by asking customers for their feedback. If you truly want to cater to the needs and wants of your customers, you need to be able to know what they want. To do this, simply ask! Ask them what they like about the product and/or service and what they would like to be improved. So, asking for feedback (you can do this in the form of reviews) is crucial.
    1. Personalize communication

    When interacting and communicating with your customers, another great tip to make sure that they are happy is to personalize communication, which you can do in numerous ways. For instance, in your marketing messages, you should include some personal details. So, if you are sending out a message or email to a customer, say for example, if they asked questions about a product or service, try communicating with them using their first name. This is because doing so can make the communication more personal, which can help make the customer feel valued.

    You can also personalize communication by including the employee’s name when communicating. Of course, in terms of privacy and security, it is probably not the best idea to include their full name, but when an employee is talking to a customer, either in person or online, simply introducing themselves with their first name can have a great and positive impact in terms of customer service- knowing that they (the customer) are speaking to a real person, as opposed to a robot, can make the interaction more pleasant.

    1. Language is key

    Another great tip to make sure that customers are kept happy is to use the right language. Language can be a very powerful thing, so it is crucial that you ensure that employees use it in the right way. Importantly, language can help to humanize a business and reduce the likelihood of negative interactions caused by miscommunication. So, be sure to use friendly and welcoming language when interacting with customers.

    1. Employee happiness = customer happiness

    If you want your customers to be happy, your employees must be happy first. This is because your employees will actually interact with the customers in the first place, so it is their responsibility to deliver excellent customer service. So, if they are unhappy (due to how they are treated at work or for any other reason), it is more likely that their customer service will not be as great. Alternatively, if they are in a happy mood and feel valued within the business, they will be more likely to positively represent the company and interact with customers positively. This means it’s vital that employers do what they can to harvest good morale within their workplace.


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