These Celebs Are Cashing in On The Gambling Boom In The US

    Mike Tyson (Photo: Archive)
    Mike Tyson (Photo: Archive)

    The casino industry is rapidly evolving, and they have figured out how to increase their
    earnings. According to a study, our brains are more prone to trusting popular faces, including celebrities. Therefore, when we see our favourite celebs selling something, we close our eyes and buy it.

    If you haven’t seen Jamie Foxx in BetMGM’s promotion, you may have seen Shaq and Ben
    Affleck shaking hands with iGaming businesses for their next campaigns.

    It is true that celebrity endorsements have an impact. According to Jeroen Verleun, and Anita Elberse, the answer leads to a 4% rise in overall company revenue on average.

    Unlike in the past, when the big games were held at lavish venues and events, the business is changing towards internet gambling, with companies like Casumo offering an extensive list of casino games to cater to players of all experience levels.

    In this article we’ll discuss some of the most famous celebrities and sports athletes who have endorsed with gambling companies.

    1. Jamie Foxx
    Jamie Foxx’s arrival is a fresh start and a boost for the US’s thriving and fast expanding
    gambling sector.

    BetMGM said that actor Jamie Foxx has agreed to appear in their new advertising campaign, which will center on the bogus claim that the company is the “King of Sportsbooks”. They could have been influenced by Budweiser’s “King of Beers” or its lion insignia, which translates to “King of the Jungle”. In any case, Jamie Foxx’s presence on the team will undoubtedly attract notice and gain respect.

    Jamie Foxx’s advertisements will not only pique the interest of the betting public, but also of other celebrities who wish to get directly involved.

    2. Neymar Jr
    The second player on our list is Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr, who presently plays for PSG.
    Neymar may have more followers than some of the biggest movie stars, allowing him to appeal to a broader worldwide audience, which is every casino’s goal.

    Neymar Jr. has at least 100 million social media followers across all platforms. As a result, it’s not surprising that Poker Stars, one of the most prominent poker sites, used to pay him for sponsorships.

    All he had to do to make a few thousand bucks was post every now and then, attend poker
    tournaments, and snap a few photographs with followers, and that was enough marketing to establish a big fan base for the poker company.

    3. Mike Tyson
    One of the greatest boxers in history has struck an endorsement agreement with 7Red online casino. Mike Tyson was chosen by 7Red, a renowned European online casino, for his
    persistence, career, and bad-boy mentality. “What happens in Vegas happens here!” exclaims 7Red.

    Tyson made several appearances in the first two parts of The Hangover, making him an ideal brand spokesperson.

    His duties as a casino brand spokesperson include making regular appearances on European television to promote the casino and recording several advertisements for the company to urge people to try the casino.

    4. Zlatan Ibrahimović
    The Swedish footballer is adored by millions of fans all around the world, and in the business of celebrity endorsement, numbers are everything. After all, it’s all about the numbers in the business of celebrity endorsements.

    A celebrity with great influence will attract a large number of organisations interested in
    collaborating with them in order to sign endorsement deals.

    Zlatan secured an endorsement arrangement with BetHard as their ambassador, and within a year, BetHard’s popularity increased tenfold. Surprisingly, Zlatan didn’t have to send tweets or post special media photographs; simply a picture on a BetHard poster was enough to seal the deal.


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