Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Engaged?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have ben quietly dating for years now. But the couple drew unwanted attention to their low-key relationship when she was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on THAT finger.

Though the diamond sparked speculations that Katie and Jamie were engaged to be married, her representative quickly shut down the buzz and said that the bling was just a prop for her movie The Secret.

“Katie’s not engaged to anyone besides her fictional movie fiancée, played by Jerry O’Connell,” her rep told People.

The secretive couple reportedly first started dating back in 2013, a year after her high-profile divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise was finalized. It was widely rumored the Mission Impossible actor had an airtight contract which kept her from publicly dating anyone for five years after their split.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have allegedly kept their relationship off the radar for said reason. However, there have been a couple of times where they’ve unintentionally given the world a glimpse at their love.

But, honestly, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are so good at keeping their romance under wraps that we’d be more surprise to learn they are engaged before they actually get married rather than just finding out about their secret wedding months later.


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