Kim lost 16 pounds to wear Marilyn Monroe’s historic dress: check the details


The Met Gala took place last Monday (02) in New York, with the theme “Gilded age”. Several celebrities passed the Met stairs in their impeccable looks, and Kim Kardashian drew attention, as usual, by wearing a Marilyn Monroe dress. The collector’s item is stored with the utmost care and commitment. Kim needed to lose 16 pounds to enter the relic. 

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The controversial dress
The dress in question was worn by Marilyn when she sang the most famous “Happy Birthday” in the world to John F. Kennedy, at his birthday party at Madison Square Garden. At the time, rumors that JFK and Marilyn were having an affair took over the newspapers. Shortly after, the actress had a tragic end. The dress designed by Jean Louis has over 6.000 hand-stitched diamonds. Kim was the only person to even wear the dress besides Marilyn. The item is in a museum in Orlando, and the owner of the place bought the piece at auction in 2016. The dress is currently valued at over 10 million dollars.  


Kim decided to honor the great star, and wore the same dress to the Met Gala. However the diva changed to a replica for the rest of the night. The muse had to go on a crash diet for 3 weeks to fit into the dress. The first tests were very intenses, and even with many belts, the clothes did not fit. In the end, everything worked out and Kim managed to wear the famous look, and be on the theme of the glamorous party. 


The American nutrition society warns of sudden weight loss, and advises people to seek competent professionals to deal with each case.


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