How do you style a white V-neck?


    A white V-neck tee is a classic that never goes out of style and that every guy should have one for this spring and summer.

    Unfortunately, many guys are unsure how to style a V-neck or worry about looking foolish in it (thank you, Jersey Shore) and miss out on this excellent wardrobe staple. 

    Well, we’re here to tell you that anyone can wear and pull a white V-neck with a few simple rules and styling ideas. Let’s dive in.

    A few no-nos

    Let’s get the main fashion and V-neck wearing mistakes out of the way. Here are the things you should avoid. 

    The V cut 

    V-necks are fantastic, but if you choose a super deep cut, you will look tacky even if you paid a lot for that tee. Stick to 2-3 inches below the collarbone.

    Logos and graphics

    A white V-neck should be just what it is – a white tee. Forget logos or graphics, no matter how small or fancy they are. They just don’t look good. 

    Find yourself a nice, high-quality t-shirt from trusted brands like Fresh Clean Tees, and you will realise that the beautiful white colour is enough to look great. Click here to find out more:

    Oversized style

    While oversized crewnecks are back in style, the same doesn’t apply to V-necks. It doesn’t mean you need to get a ridiculously tight tee, but a baggy one won’t work either.

    Opt for a V-neck that nicely hugs the body, bud doesn’t hang around the sides or is flappy around the arms. 

    Listen, we get that many guys don’t like slim-fit t-shirts, but if you’re opting for a V-neck, you should never wear an oversized one. 

    Old and stretched out tees 

    That’s a common mistake because many guys fail to notice when it’s the time to downgrade an old tee to a pyjama or rag status. 

    Keep an eye on the fabric and the neckline to ensure they’re keeping their shape and on the colour to keep it pristine white and not grey or, god forbid, yellow. 

    If that happens – it’s time to say goodbye. We don’t think we need to mention stains or holes, right? 

    How to style a white V-neck 

    Now we’ve gone through the checklist, let’s explore the easy yet stylish ways of styling your white V-neck tee. 

    Under a blazer or suit

    If your office doesn’t have a very strict dress code, swap your stuffy Oxford shirts for a white V-neck once in a while. You will still look put together but feel much more comfortable and relaxed. 

    One thing to keep in mind is the quality of your tee, as in this case, you want to opt for such fabrics as high-quality cotton or cotton blends or even thin merino wool. 

    With a cardigan and chinos 

    Cardigan and chinos are a more casual suit version, so naturally, a V-neck is the best substitute for a buttondown shirt. 

    A white tee will look great under any colours you choose and is super stylish. 

    We love olive, navy, burgundy, or mustard colours when it comes to chinos, add a stylish thin-knit carding, and you’re ready to go! 

    With tailored pants and a leather jacket 

    Let’s break some rules and create looks that will turn heads! How about pairing your white V-neck tee with tailored pants and a classic leather jacket? 

    This way, you’re blending the formal and rebel styles and end up looking – let’s be honest – super hot. 

    Opt for leather or suede sneakers, loafers, or Oxford shoes to complete the look. 

    With cargo pants and a denim jacket 

    Cargo pants are back, so recreate the 2010s style by pairing them with a white V-neck tee and a comfy denim jacket.        

    We love traditional khaki and blue combinations, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other colours too!   


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