What are the 20 trends of influencer marketing for 2022?


    Influencer marketing is now very common among everyone and the incredible performances of the famous influencers of Charlie D’amelio, Khabane Lame, Addison Rae confirm the power of the influence.

    But how to get success as influencers? How to know the new trends for the influencer market this year?

    Influence4You, the expert of influencer marketing, has published his predictions of the 20 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022:

    1) Live Shopping

    2) New tools for Influencers

    3) NFT

    4) Virtual Reality and Metaverse

    5) TikTok, the year of confirmation

    6) Podcasts

    7) Professionalization of Influencers

    8) Influencers more and more integrated with brands

    9) E-commerce, the natural extension of social networks

    10) Influencer marketing investments on the rise

    11) Influencer companies in constant growth

    12) Internalizing influence marketing

    13) Evermore accurate data

    14) Affiliate programs are getting stronger

    15) Last year before the end of third-party cookies: nightmares and opportunities for advertisers

    16) Long-term influencer relationships

    17) Authenticity and Creativity

    18) Micro-influence fully integrated into communication strategies

    19) Videos: Long, Short, Live

    20) Cross-platform

    Take a look at the full article 20 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022 here and get all the details!

    The key trends include the growing popularity of influencers, brands looking for ongoing partnerships, different types of social media platforms, Live Shopping, NFT, netris net and more.

    – Live Shopping: Brands are collaborating with influencers to promote and sell their products and services in real-time by going LIVE on social media.

    – Virtual Reality and Metaverse: Snapchat is the undisputed leader in virtual reality. Thanks to this feature, which allows users to see virtual objects in their homes, or even wear clothes virtually.

    – Micro-influence: Micro-influencers are naturally perceived as more authentic. They are profiles that are very close to their communities which allows you to manage campaigns at a lower cost and to multiply collaborations with several profiles to reach different audiences. 

    – Video formats: As the years go by, creating videos is preferred mostly by social networks and the majority of influencers, and to meet this new demand more formats have appeared such as Shorts on YouTube and Instagram Video.

    – Cross-Platform: It is now common for advertisers to create marketing campaigns on 2 or more social media simultaneously to increase the reach of an influencer campaign. This is essential because each social media contains different audiences.

    – Influencer Marketing Platforms: Using a platform to find the right influencer for your brand gives you much more convenience. It gives you data of more than 100M+ profiles from all social media and all around the world. For example, Influence4You.

    What is Influence4You?

    Influence4You is the most complete platform on the market! Unlike, any other influencer marketing platform Influence4You has a built-in feature that detects fake followers of an influencer. Brands take advantage of Influence4you’s authenticity to find the right influencers in their niche and manage the influencer campaigns effectively via this platform.

    Influence4You is both a technology and an expert in influencer marketing.

    If you want to find collaborations as an influencer or if you want to launch a campaign for your brands, visit our website.


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