11 years of GOT: remember the characters and story

Game of Thrones was released eleven years ago. (Photo: Instagram)
Game of Thrones was released eleven years ago. (Photo: Instagram)

On April 17, the world-acclaimed series Game of Thrones completed 11 years of its debut. This series was inspired by George R R Martin’s sequel of epic medieval fantasy books. The show collects 160 Emmy Awards nominations and 59 wins. With 8 seasons the series became a sensation. The story took place in a forgotten land in medieval Europe, named Westeros. 

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The central focus of the plot was the iron throne of the seven kingdoms. The plot brought alliances and conflicts between the families of nobles present. Family secrets were surprisingly revealed, and many beloved characters’ deaths were felt by the fans. It’s become a tradition to wait every Sunday to watch a new episode of the series on HBO. To this day, HBO brings its series in this way, currently in conjunction with its own streaming, that didn’t exist at the time. 

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Many actors were revealed by GOT, and some like Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Jason Mamoa, Kit Harington and others are remembered for their characters to this day. Who would forget Dracarys? Emilia Clarke played Daenerys Targaryen and she enters the burning pyre and emerges unharmed with three newborn dragons under her command. She was the only person to own and command dragons in the region, after a long period without any such beasts. When she said “Dracarys”, the dragon breathed fire. Very convenient in times of struggle. On March 19, 2019, the last episode of the series aired, leaving many fans annoyed with the chosen ending.


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