Fashion Tips for Improving Your Wardrobe


    It doesn’t matter what your connection with fashion is, whether it is a very large part of your life that you live for or whether you simply keep a loose grip on what is coming out, there is always going to be room to improve your wardrobe. The fact is, your wardrobe is going to change depending on the message that you are trying to put across, and that message is going to vary from person to person. Luckily, it is easy to take control of this message, and the below article will discuss some of the top tips for improving your wardrobe in accordance with this. 

    Mix It Up 

    If you went and had a look in your wardrobe right now, you would most likely be surprised at the number of items of clothing you have not worn for a while. This is discussed by Dr Jennifer Baumgartner in her book You Are What You Wear. Here, she explores the idea that most people will wear 20% of their wardrobe about 80% of the time. As such, you should have a look at your wardrobe and pick out what the clothes you hardly ever wear are (chances are there will be a lot of them). 

    When you have a look at your clothing, you are more than likely going to see a number of different items you haven’t worn for some time. When this occurs, have a think about why you haven’t worn them and decide whether or not it is likely you will wear them again. You can clear space by throwing out what you won’t wear and make use of clothes you haven’t worn for some time. 

    A Tip for Clearing Out Your Wardrobe … 

    A top tip for when you clear out your wardrobe is to take a break when doing so and don’t do the whole thing in one go. If you are pondering over the same task, then you are going to become sick of it, making your decision-making poor and more sporadic. As such, in this state of boredom, you are likely going to end up keeping clothes you don’t want and throwing away clothes you could repurpose. 

    If you are clearing out your wardrobe, then be sure to take the occasional break. In doing this, you are going to be putting yourself in a much better position as your decision-making will be more on point. If you need to take a break, then consider playing an online game such as those on real money online casinos. These are a lot of fun and great when it comes to separating yourself from a task for a little while. 

    Shop With a Friend 

    Sometimes all you need is a second opinion. Imagine the disastrous outfits you wouldn’t have bought or the amazing ensembles you’ll have missed out on because you didn’t have a friend to help you choose. Be sure to go out with someone whose style you’re a fan of and get their take on some potential outfits. 


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