Is Liam Payne Cheating On His Fiancée? Check here the situation that shocked the web

Liam Payne and Maya Henry started dating in 2019, and got engaged in 2020. (Photo: Instagram)
Liam Payne and Maya Henry started dating in 2019, and got engaged in 2020. (Photo: Instagram)

Last Monday (23) a fan club publication bothered Maya Henry, until then engaged to British singer Liam Payne. The photo featured Liam with a woman, who was tagged as Maya. However, she herself came to the post to comment and ask them not to tag her in publications of that type, since the one in the photo was not her. According to Maya, it’s already painful enough to know about the whole situation, and she doesn’t want to watch. After the comment, the world began to speculate on a possible betrayal from the singer.

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On Tuesday morning (24), another twist: Liam was spotted in the company of American model Aliana Mawla, landing at Los Angeles airport. The two were in light clothes, and they went to meet a friend who took them to a discreet car. The details were released by the British newspaper Daily Mail. In the images it is possible to notice that Aliana did not let go of Liam’s arm, and looked uncomfortable for being filmed. 

According to the newspaper, a source close to the singer said that Maya and Liam ended their engagement just over a month ago. The person in question also commented on Maya still referring to him as her fiancé, which he said would be dishonest. The couple started dating in 2019, and in 2020 Liam asked her to marry him. Between comings and goings, they even broke up, and resumed their relationship in 2021. Aliana and Liam started their relationship a few weeks ago, and they still hadn’t made it public. Aliana published some photos with her beloved, which more than confirmed everything.


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