Mathernal love or obsession? Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff

The new production of Marvel, Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness, was released last Thursday (05), and brought old fellows to other paths. This article may contain a few spoilers, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, be careful. Wanda takes over a new version of herself. In this movie, we could see a mother. Every night the same dream, and every morning the same nightmare. The multiverse is complex, and only a few people could explain it. Vision is one of these. In previous stories of the MCU, Wanda suffered a lot. The loss of her parents, of her brother, and even of her lover. A lot to take. 

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If we go back in time, to Westview, there’s a lovely side of her. And even though she created a parallel reality, her love for her “children” remains the same. The chaos caused by her in the small town was shown during WandaVision, the original series Disney+. Wanda is way too sad and tries everything she can to be with her family. According to the theory, when we dream, we can see what we are like in some other universe. Dreams are real situations, but lived by another “you”. Complicated right? At one point, we can see and feel Wanda’s suffering. She turns into a villain full of triggers.

 It is nothing more than a (false) mother who needs the (false) children’s comfort. The film was directed by Sam Raimi, known for horror movies. He sought to explore a darker side. In the end, we can see Wanda at her maximum power, and giving up her perfect life. Facing herself and her nightmares. A villain with feelings so deep, the viewer can even feel them. Elizabeth Olsen stated in an interview that she thinks Wanda may return to the MCU. The character came to an indefinite end in this film, and left a loose end about her ultimate fate. We hope that she is healed from her afflictions and returns stronger than ever. 


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