Jada Pinkett Smith hopes for a reconciliation between her husband and Chris Rock

Jada Pinkett Smith has a talk show called 'Red table talk'. (Photo: Instagram)
Jada Pinkett Smith has a talk show called 'Red table talk'. (Photo: Instagram)

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has spoken publicly about what happened on Oscars night between her husband Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock. During an episode of her talk show ‘Red table talk’, Jada stated that she hopes for a reconciliation between the two. “I deeply hope that these two intelligent and capable men have the opportunity to heal, talk about it and reconcile”. 

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According to her, the world needs both of them. She said that in the meantime, she and her husband will do what they’ve been doing for 28 years: go through life’s issues together. The statements about what happened happened during an episode of his program in which the theme was alopecia. It all started because Rock made a joke about Jada’s lack of hair, and Will retaliated by slapping the comedian in front of everyone, live. 

Shortly after the incident, Smith sent a letter to the Academy and publicly apologized for slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony. The case took social media, and divided the public. Jada has been suffering from alopecia for a few years. This condition causes hair loss, and the actress decided to shave her head to better cope with the situation.


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