Priscilla Presley praises Austin Butler’s Elvis performance

Austin Butler plays the
Austin Butler plays the "King of Rock", Elvis Presley. (Photo: Warner Bros release)
Austin Butler plays the "King of Rock", Elvis Presley. (Photo: Warner Bros release)
Austin Butler plays the “King of Rock”, Elvis Presley. (Photo: Warner Bros release)

On Tuesday (21), Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, Riley Keough and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood attended a handprint ceremony to immortalize members of the Presley family in the courtyard of the TCL Chinese Theater ahead of the launch of new movie “Elvis”.

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The film tells the story of Elvis Presley’s life and music through the prism of his tumultuous relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker, played by actor Austin Butler. According to TMZ, Elvis’ ex-wife said the actor did an impressive job playing the late artist.

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She says AB is just fantastic in his depiction…and thinks the people talkin’ smack don’t know Elvis the way she did. Priscilla says she felt just like she was watching her ex-husband up on the big screen”, TMZ wrote.

Butler did not please some TikTok users and received harsh criticism after Warner Bros  posted a scene from the film. The actor worked hard to play the the singer’s biopic, Butler is actually singing a lot of King of Rock songs. In an interview with E! he revealed that he went 3 years without seeing his family.“I didn’t see my family for three years. I didn’t see any of my friends in all that time. So it was like I had a part of my life separated,” Butler said. 

Priscila assured that the family is happy with the result and said that Austin should not care what is on the internet. “Elvis” premieres next Friday, June 24th.


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