Britney case: Judge orders Jamie Spears to be deposed and produce surveillance records


The singer Britney Spears still faces some situations for the trial involving her and her father, Jamie Spears. This time, a victory for the global pop star: a judge ruled that Jamie must give evidence and present all the documents requested in court. The decision must be fulfilled within 30 days, in Los Angeles.

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The singer’s team had already requested documents and records related to electronic surveillance. Judge Brenda Penny ordered that the request be carried out. The action favors Britney, and instigates to believe that the American justice intends to investigate Jamie, given the shocking accusations registered. In her testimony, Britney claimed that her father forced guardianship, and controlled her every step and even her body. According to her, an IUD was placed so that she would not have children. In addition, his phone was tapped, and his private conversations were recorded. Full parental control.

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Prior to that, Jamie’s lawyers had requested copies of Britney’s deposition in order to better prepare their client’s defense. He claimed that this would be a deposition and not an ambush. The debate between the defenses was heated. The decision marked a major victory for Britney, who has been facing her father in court since her guardianship ended last year (2021). The guardianship lasted 13 years, and Jamie was mostly the guardian. Britney’s lawyer believes that her father wants to bring her back to guardianship, and says he has reasons for doing so, given her behavior in court. For him, Jamie is organizing his courtroom actions towards that end. In addition, his union with the Tri Star company makes the lawyer believe that both are interested in reaping the benefits of guardianship. Both denied. For now, that was the decision made by the judge. Let’s see the next chapters.


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