Post credits scene of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ brings new Marvel strategy, Check it out!

As usual, Marvel used the post credit scenes to announce a future movie. (Photo: Marvel release)
As usual, Marvel used the post credit scenes to announce a future movie. (Photo: Marvel release)

Marvel always leaves easter eggs in their movies, and everyone already knows that. But the new marketing strategy included in the latest releases, in addition to being risky, brings more information to the viewer. This article may contain spoilers, if you haven’t watched the latest Doctor Strange and Thor, be careful.

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The post-credits scenes in Marvel movies are a trademark, and they always reveal extra teasers for fans of the sagas. Sometimes to point out sequences, or developments in other films of the brand. Often, these scenes are the thread for other works, and this becomes very important for the context as a whole. However, everything has changed. Since last year, Marvel Studios has changed its strategy, and no longer uses previews as post credits. Instead, scenes with new characters are placed. In Doctor Strange we could see Charlize Theron as Cléa being introduced to the MCU. Already in Thor, the new character of the Hercules mythology was introduced.

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Fans were hoping to see footage from the upcoming Ant-Man and Wasp movies, and Guardians of the Galaxy, which are slated for release this year and next. Brett Goldstein appeared as the god Hercules. The scene is as follows: Zeus, who is facing Thor, is tending to his wound, while talking to someone who is out of focus on the camera. The subject covered is how the old gods feel to be overcome by superheroes. Soon after, Zeus requests that his son Hercules put an end to Thor. He then appears, and answers yes. Other figures such as Harry Styles, in Eternals, and Charlize Theron, in Doctor Strange, were also idealized in the same way. In this way, new characters would be presented to the audience, in a dangerous but also confident brand.


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