Noah Schnapp reveals Doja Cat’s interest in Joseph Quinn and rapper responds to exposure

Stranger Things is the hit of the moment and actor Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson in the series, has won thousands of fans around the world, including celebrities. Noah Schnapp (Wil Byers) revealed that Doja Cat has shown an interest in her co-star.

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In a video on TikTok, Schnapp shared a conversation he had with the rapper. The image shows a Direct Message exchange on Instagram. “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu. Wait no. Does he have a gf?” asks Doja. Noah encourages her friend: “LMAOO slide into his DM”.

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Then the singer says she doesn’t know what Joseph’s Instagram is and receives from the actor the profile of his friend. “Right here ma’am”.

But it looks like Doja Cat didn’t like having her conversation exposed. In a Live on her TikTok last Thursday (7), the artist said that Schnapp’s behavior was wrong, but she is trying to be fair because he is “just a child”. “When you’re that young, you make mistakes, you do dumb,” she said. The singer stated that she herself had already made public comments about Quinn. But she didn’t expect private messages to be exposed, so she was disappointed.


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