Blogs, podcasts, and portals that will keep you up to date


    Information resources about technology are more in demand now than ever before. Let’s talk about the most useful portals.

    Resources to keep you up-to-date on technology news

    Information is an essential thing in our time. Possession of information gives a person understanding and allows him to navigate what is happening. That is why it is so important to be aware of events, to know what is happening in the world, in the country, in your city. Local or world news – not just a topic for a conversation with co-workers or neighbors (although the communication component of information also shouldn’t be discounted!). It’s an opportunity to form your opinion based on facts, not someone else’s speculation.

    Today we will discuss the possibilities of finding out the latest information about technological developments, live andar bahar updates, and other news of technological progress.

    The world of information

    The days when all the news was learned from passing travelers, passed on by word of mouth, are long gone. Instead, current news is a mighty stream of information poured upon us daily from TV screens and radios. Current technology does not lag: many people today rarely watch TV and prefer to learn the news from the Internet. The availability of laptops, smartphones, and other compact gadgets has dramatically increased this opportunity.

    The availability of information these days allows everyone to keep up to date. Why is it important? The precarious economic and political situation in the country makes it necessary to keep a close eye on everything that is going on. Conflicts, truces, meetings of politicians, and the signing of treaties directly affect people’s lives – our lives. For example, the release of new laws is necessarily covered in the news. And it’s better to know about it in time to avoid trouble. Prices for food and gasoline are also constantly changing, and the dollar rate fluctuates almost daily. And for many, it’s not just a line in the newspaper but a vital issue.

    Local news deserves special attention. They cover all aspects of what is happening in the region, whether it is politics, sports news, emergencies, or events of public life. They also report on all the bills passed in the area, the weather, weekends, and holidays. Such news is essential because it deals with things affecting each citizen.


    The Internet today is one of the most popular sources of information. All major search engines allow you to set up a news filter and get information first about what interests you.

    It is not necessary to forget about blogs. So many bloggers devote their publications to the latest news – incredibly vivid and memorable ones.

    Social media is not only a way to spend the evening with friends. It’s also a way to keep up with the news that’s most interesting to you. Sign up for a group that matches your interests, and you’ll get newsletters straight to your inbox.

    Mobile applications are an opportunity for smartphone owners to communicate with the whole world. You can watch the news on your way to work or during lunch break – it won’t take much time. But you’ll know everything you want to know.

    Not everything that happens in the city ends up in the news. It’s only natural. Communicating with friends and acquaintances on social networks, via e-mail, or even just in the store, at the market, or at work allows you to find out everything happening in the city quickly. Sometimes even firsthand.

    The most important thing is to determine what kind of information you are most interested in. For example, you may want to know about live casino online or about new electric cars. Both are news about technology but from different categories. And then it is a matter of technology: modern communication tools allow you to filter the information so that it is most convenient for you to keep track of it. And a rich choice of communication media enables you to watch the news when and how you want.

    Valuable news resources by category

    Culture & Life:

    • Aeon. If you don’t want to read a book, go to this site—longreads about everything: attractive but long (you may get tired). If you can’t get enough, almost every article has an audio version (you can listen to it).
    • Nautilus. High-quality longreads on near-science topics.
    • Quartz. An excellent site with quality journalism and news about the world and today.
    • The Guardian. The best news conglomerate, in my opinion. Relevant news (go here if you want to learn something), good stuff, and an excellent section on English soccer.

    Technology and Business:

    • Bloomberg. An excellent European publication about everything.
    • Business Insider. Tech Insider from Business Insider. About technology.
    • Tech Crunch. Probably the most popular startup newsletter.
    • Futurism. A great magazine about the future. Sign up to stay up to date. News, columns.
    • Harvard Business Review. A classic. The premier business magazine. Free – only six articles per month.
    • Inc. Renowned business lifestyle magazine.
    • Wired. Not always relevant, but hopeful. About technology, business, and life.
    • Scientific American. The most credible scientific magazine.
    • Investopedia. The most popular guide site for everything related to money. All terms can be found there.
    • Electrec. About electric cars and the future of transportation.


    • Paul Graham. The guru of the startup movement. Y Combinator founder Paul Graham.
    • Think with Google. About marketing from Google.
    • Feld Thoughts. Author blog from the investor.
    • Tom Tungus. Author blog about startups.
    • School of Herring. Author blog about leadership for life.
    • Headspace. About meditation and living a meaningful life.
    • Gartner. Gartner’s analysis of all trends.
    • Gates Notes. Bill Gates’ blog.
    • Wait, But Why? Longreads from procrastinator Tim Urban.

    The best technology portals


    A news site about technology: news is submitted by readers themselves after editorial review. Every article has discussions, which often reach the level of huge talks. 

    Geeks for Geeks

    A scientific portal for geeks, where you can find informative articles for developers with handy tags by topic.

    I Programmer

    News portal for programmers. 

    Business Insider, Tech 

    News about big companies, the latest gadgets, and media personalities in IT.


    The news portal includes a “Technology” section with news, reviews, and interviews about technology.

    The importance of up-to-date information

    You hear quite often that we live in a piece of information or technological world. It is a sufficiently brief phrase that is understandable to everyone and accurately describes the situation we all live in. 

    Have you ever wondered why current information spreads so quickly? There are several primary factors: 

    • The need to know what is happening in the country and the world;
    • The need to make plans and predictions based on the current situation;
    • The market to be informed about important events.

    Information about events or processes provides knowledge. For example, if you look at the weather forecast, you can decide whether or not to bring an umbrella. In the same way, information explains to us what we may not know but need to know.


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