Netflix Releases Alternative Video For ‘I Didn’t Know’ From Purple Hearts With Sofia Carson

The great success of Netflix’s exhibition in the month of August does not stop releasing exclusive content. After releasing a deleted scene, the platform released an alternate clip of ‘I didn’t know’ on Youtube. In the video, Sofia Carson’s character, Cassie, appears on stage playing her piano, in an orange look, different from the one shown in the feature.

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Sofia shared with her fans behind-the-scenes moments, and showed that Nicholas Galitzine was also on the recordings following everything, even though he didn’t appear on the scene. This is a recurring question in the backstage of the film. The actor who plays Luke closely followed all of Sofia’s musical scenes, and was always present. Production fans have already found more arguments to ship the two. The clip features Cassie’s song about Luke’s entry into her life, according to the song, she didn’t know her world would change so much, and that she would be happier with his presence.

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The film tells the love story of Cassie and Luke, who marry as a deal, so that she has access to health care, and so he can pay off a debt. The two eventually fall in love, and the details intensify when the plan is uncovered. The film has its own soundtrack, and is a big part of the success. Written in partnership with Sofia Carson, who is the interpreter and executive producer of the production, the track is already one of the most listened to on audio platforms. The film is available on Netflix.


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