Doja Cat responds to comments about her mental health “I’m rich, I’m fine”

Doja Cat, 26, surprised her fans by shaving her hair and eyebrows during a Live on Instagram last Thursday (4). Many followers were shocked by the rapper’s attitude, but she justified it by saying that she didn’t like having hair or even wigs.

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After the Live, many fans associated Doja’s shaved hair with her mental health. Netizens began to assume that the artist was experiencing psychological problems. “I’m rich, I’m fine”, guaranteed the voice of “Woman”.

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The singer was annoyed by the questioning of her followers on social media. “All this ‘are you okay queen?’ makes me want to rip out every last bit of hair I have.”

During the live chat, the artist explained her motivations.”I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway,” she said. “I don’t like having hair. I never liked having hair. I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘This is cool.’ I just do not like to have hair.”

“What’s the use of having hair if you’re not going to use it? I don’t even use it, so I’m shaving it off. Does not make sense. I have never felt so amazing and happy”, she explained.


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