Stranger Things season five is in production: See what’s new

The writers of Stranger Things posted a behind-the-scenes photo. (Photo: Instagram)
The writers of Stranger Things posted a behind-the-scenes photo. (Photo: Instagram)

The fifth and final season of the critically acclaimed Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ is now in production. That’s what the profile of the series’ writers published on their networks. The photo showed the production gathered in a room with a whiteboard and the words of the fifth season. The fourth season moved the networks, and left some gaps open. Fans have suffered and cheered for the most famous kids, and as of now, the end is closer. The following article may contain spoilers.

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The last season will have to bring answers to many questions. Mainly, for the solution and possible defeat of the villain, Vecna. The fourth season ends at a time when he manages to fulfill his plan and merge the two worlds: Upside down, and the normal world. The population of Hawkings is faced with many accidents and deaths. Fans deeply mourned the death of Eddie Munson. Some called themselves his widows. History has shown us that in a tense episode in Eleven’s past, in which during a fight, she would have either created the upside down, or simply sent the number 1 there.

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Another issue to be resolved and elucidated is Max’s life. The Duffer brothers stated in an interview with Variety recently that the character was brain dead. Eleven even tried to find her friend in her mind, but it was all empty. She was attacked by Vecna, and in the midst of the battle managed to free herself from the villain. But it was already too late. This and some other answers we can only find out later.


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