Hailey Bieber tells how she faced health problems during her marriage with Justin

 There’s a reason they say ‘for better or for worse’. Like, that’s for real!", Hailey Bieber disse à Harper's Bazaar. (Photo: Instagram release)
There’s a reason they say ‘for better or for worse’. Like, that’s for real!”, Hailey Bieber disse à Harper’s Bazaar. (Photo: Instagram release)

Model Hailey Bieber, 25, has spoken about how she dealt with health issues during her marriage to Justin Bieber, 28. In June, Justin had facial paralysis and revealed a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition caused by the herpes zoster virus. Earlier in March, Hailey was hospitalized for having symptoms similar to a stroke, and a blood clot was identified in her brain.

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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine released last Tuesday (16), she explained that she understands marriage as the beginning, not the end: “I just think life is changing all the time,” she says. “Day to day, week to week, year to year. I think a perfect example of that is over the last six months, both of us have gone through very serious health issues. There’s a reason they say ‘for better or for worse’. Like, that’s for real!”

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Coincidentally, on the day she gave the interview, the style star had turned four years since she and Justin got engaged.

“He’s still the person that I wanna be rushing back to,” Bieber says. “I might fly somewhere and go do a job, but I can’t wait to come back and hang out. And I feel like that’s because of the effort that’s been put in on both sides. At the end of the day, like, he’s my best friend, but it still does take a lot of work to make it work”.

Lastly, the style star spoke about the possibility of having children in the future. “And then I know eventually, when kids come in the picture, that’s going to be a whole other season of navigating how to make that work.”


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