Some digital marketing lessons from Ronaldinho’s Twitter account


    Public figures and managers looking for inspiration in managing their social media, instead of turning to unlikely experts found on the Web, can try consulting the profiles of a few celebrities, trying to draw as many lessons as possible on the proper use of these new social arenas for online communication. One of the most followed sports celebrities in the world is certainly Ronaldinho, one of the greatest Brazilian footballers, who wore the jerseys of Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain, and who in the course of a dazzling career managed to win the World Cup (in 2002) and the Champions League with the Barcelona jersey. 

    Today, after his retirement from playing soccer, Ronaldinho continues to enliven his social pages with sparkling, playful and extremely entertaining content, thanks to which one can still sense all the genius and creative power that distinguished the player during the most brilliant moments of his career. Celebrity profiles represent a very rich source of information for all communication enthusiasts, or for those professionals who intend to make greater use of their image to attract new business opportunities, to strengthen their reputation in a particular sector, but also to improve the overall performance of the company they are part of. 

    A source of inspiration 

    Why would a serious and qualified professional, or one with a secure managerial position, set out to consult the social profiles of celebrities? First, because it suits him or her: seeking the services of an experienced consultant or professional in the field of online communication, or digital marketing, could cost truly astronomical sums of money, while also entailing a considerable loss of valuable time.

    Celebrities’ social media, on the other hand, should be seen as the ripe fruit of work performed by others, specialized agencies or communication consultants, and therefore represent a real gold mine for all those who are looking for a simple and immediate way to make concrete improvements to their online communication. On celebrity message boards will certainly not appear the essential strategic lines that animate their online communication, but only the final results of this complex planning. 

    The value of authenticity 

    Taking a close look at Ronaldinho’s Twitter profile, for example, managers and professionals should undoubtedly pay attention to the strong authenticity that shines through each and every post: despite being now over forty years old, with graying hair now clearly visible, Ronaldinho has no qualms about posting close-up photographs that reveal his true age, or his status as a now-retired footballer far from the playing fields. 

    The former Brazilian star shows himself for who he is at this very moment, without any fear of the judgments or criticism that could affect his person (even via social). Apex figures in companies should also always expose themselves in person, always speaking their mind and putting their face to it, no matter what. The network audience greatly appreciates the genuineness, spontaneity of posted content, so managers and corporate executives should also follow this path, for their own online communication on social networks. 

    The world of the Internet and social media should not only be considered as an arena of entertainment, as a pleasant dimension to take refuge in when one has nothing to do, but also as a real source of inspiration, to be kept well monitored and under control in a precise and timely manner. Few have been able to grasp the enormous potential of the web and of all the virtual pages we could have access to in a single instant, with a simple touch of our finger on the screen of our cell phone. In fact, the Web holds a large number of learning, entertainment and fun opportunities just waiting to be discovered. 

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    The information you seek is incredibly close to you; it may even be within reach of your hand. To find them, sometimes all you have to do is pull out your cell phone and start looking. 


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