The Ultimate Guide: What To Do Before Renovating Your House


    Renovation is usually done when some parts of your house have suffered severe damage such as leaking roofs, or weathered walls due to the house not having proper care in a long time. It could also be done if the homeowner would like to remodel their house to make it more modern, or simply because they need additional rooms and features for their house. 

    Renovations can be done partially or in total. Partial home renovations usually don’t need a lot of time and money to do it. While a total renovation means that the old house will need to be demolished in order to be rebuilt into a new house. 

    At some point, your house indeed needs renovation. Especially if your house has been housing you and your family for more than 15 years. If it has been that long, it is very possible that the structure of the house has begun to be fragile and requires repairs. This improvement is thus very important to keep you and your family safe and secure. Not only that but remodeling will also ensure that your house value can be increased as well. 

    If you are currently planning to renovate your house, you will definitely find these important tips below useful! 

    Plan your renovation early 

    Home renovations will certainly cost a lot of money. Even if you choose to do partial renovation, there is still a cost budget that you need to prepare.

    Thus why, when you already have a plan to renovate your house, the first thing that you have to prepare is the renovation budget. Your budget will consist of the cost of your constructor company, laborer, building material, and cost of architect -depending on whether you want to hire one or not.

    The next crucial thing you need to do is to look out for the right constructor. The constructor will be the main person you go to related to your house renovation process. Thus you want to make sure that you hire the right constructor company. You can ask for recommendations from your family and friends, or research on the internet. If you reside in Singapore, you can search for the best renovation contractor in Singapore on google. You can also find reviews from past customers there.

    Understand the characteristics of the land 

    The characteristics of each land are different. If your house is located near a busy road, it can get very polluted and noisy at times -during your renovation process, you might want to do a slight adjustment to your terrace. Ensure that your house entrance is filled with green plants, or simply create an additional garden to help muffle the noisy sound and at the same time dispelling air pollution. 

    Consider your needs first 

    Before you start to remodel your house, you should consider your needs first. Over time, people’s needs and wants can also change. Probably you used to not like cooking before, but nowadays cooking is one of your hobbies -thus you want to expand your kitchen area and place complete cooking utensils to support your hobby. Or you probably need another room to support your growing family. All of these need to be considered first. This is to ensure that after you renovate your house, you will get the best and most satisfying result.

    Study the house’s old structure

    In order to be able to carry out home renovations according to your budget, you should study the structure of your house building. Know which parts of your house are still viable, and which are not. Also, consider whether the new design can blend with the old structure of the building or not. To ensure that the results of the renovation are safe and proper, you should consult all of this with a professional. 

    Choose durable materials

    The selection of building materials for your home renovations is not only based on the beauty and balance of the overall appearance. You should also consider its quality, making sure that it is durable for a long time. For building and exterior materials, choose those that are heat and rain-resistant. Meanwhile, for the interior, choose a paint that is easy to clean and floor tiles that are strong in withstanding heavy loads.

    Do not be tempted merely with a product with a cheap price, you do not want to pay little money now but end up having to pay more in the future. 

    Consider the house drains system 

    Water is a crucial element in the household. The bathroom and kitchen are some examples of areas in your house that need water. Thus why if you want to add an area in your house that needs water, you should consider the state of the drains. Think about factors such as -can the pipeline be connected to the desired place? Will the water supply be sufficient? These are important things to pay attention to.


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