Gerard Piqué reportedly cheated on Shakira more than 50 times, according to journalist

The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué has gone through several controversial moments since its inception. In principle, the Colombian singer reportedly discovered that her husband had cheated on her with a waitress, according to Spanish newspapers. However, according to one journalist, the situation is greater than imagined.

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The information came through the paparazzi Jordí Martín, who participated in the Spanish program ‘Lo sé todo’. According to him, the former player would have betrayed the singer more than 50 times. He didn’t know how many or what people in all, but who didn’t lack opportunities.

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Jordí stated that he followed the couple’s life, and that he was used to following the former player. He also stated that he even recorded several of these moments of his infidelity. The paparazzi claimed that the singer had been discovering everything that happened. He cited some examples, such as a case in 2012, another time in 2016, with former partner Nuria Thomas, another situation two years ago, in a nightclub in Barcelona. Jordí also revealed that his relationship with Piqué was never good.


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