Gerard Pique takes on Clara Chia as girlfriend on social networks

The player Gerard Piqué posted the first photo alongside his current girlfriend, Clara Chia. The controversial relationship has already been cited by his ex-wife Shakira. Amid several doubts, the player decided to publicly take over his new relationship.

++ Understand the controversy between Shakira and Piqué after divorce

Seven months after the announcement of separation of singer Shakira, the player posted a photo next to his current girlfriend on social networks. He preferred not to write any subtitles, but the publication had a great impact. The post takes place after the release and great success of the song ‘Shakira BZRP Music Sessions 53’, in which the singer makes references to the current couple.

++ Shakira releases music with indirect to Piqué and his girlfriend

According to sources, Clara Chia would be bothered by the repercussions of the music, and stories about it on the web. She is pointed out as the pivot of the separation between Piqué and Shakira. In the song, Shakira states that Pique swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, and stated that she is worth two out of 22.


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