Beyoncé confirms world tour

Confirming the speculations that had arisen in recent weeks, Beyoncé announced, through her official website and social networks, that she will tour to promote her latest album. The “Club Renaissance Tour” will pass through Europe and North America, between May and September.

++ According to sources, Beyoncé will announce “Club Renaissance” tour today

The tour, in addition to his older hits, will be based on the promotion of his latest album “Renaissance” which, after several suspense, was made available on all music platforms in the middle of 2022. Between the dates of May 10th to 27th From June, Beyoncé will visit Paris, London, Marseille, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Sunderland. From July 8th to September 27th, concerts will be held in Canada and the United States.

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According to sources, it was also informed that Beyoncé will be present at the Grammy Awards that take place this weekend, February 5, in Los Angeles. The singer competes in several categories with the sweeping hits of her seventh album. The voice of “Crazy in Love” is rumored to be the surprise attraction at the event.


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