Gisele Bundchen vacations in Costa Rica and is spotted with company

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen vacationed with family and friends in Costa Rica. Without Brady’s presence, Gisele was spotted in the company of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Joaquim Valente is touted as his new possible affair after the divorce with American football player Tom Brady.

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The model was photographed riding a horse, and practicing exercises in the company of Joaquim. The two were first seen together in November during a dinner party. At the time, friends of the former couple stated that their two children received education at home. And, therefore, Joaquim would have traveled with his family, to make up the team of educational professionals of the children. 

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In addition, a source linked to Gisele stated that the two are friends, and that they maintain a professional relationship. According to this person, Joaquim and his two brothers are the children’s martial arts teachers. The two were seen training in January this year, and running together at another time. Sources close to her claim that Gisele is reshaping her life, and decided to spend time in Costa Rica. 


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