Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston are getting to know each other better

According to information from the newspaper The Mirror, Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston have been exchanging messages and talking constantly since the actress went to the singer’s concert on January 26th. On the occasion, the British man ripped his pants during his performance and “Rachel” from Friends, sent a message in a joking tone and from this date, the new affair has been progressing positively.

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A source close to Jennifer Aniston said that the actress is very interested in Harry Styles: “Jen has been playing with friends about who she would be with and had a little chat about Harry. It meets all the requirements. He is successful, intellectual, and cooler than everyone else”.

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“Plus, of course, he clearly likes older women and has admitted he once had a crush on her as a kid, so she’s confident this has a much better chance of working than some of his other recent attempts.” the source.



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