Sources point out that Gerard Piqué begged Shakira for the second chance

According to a journalist, Gerard Pique would have begged Shakira for a second chance. The request would have taken place at their last meeting, the day the marriage ended for good. Also according to Spanish television, this meeting would have ended with a long farewell hug, with many emotions.

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At the time, lawyers were also present, to discuss the future of the children, and the couple’s property. The Colombian singer intended to move to Miami, and this was being discussed by them. According to the source, Pique would be willing to end everything with Clara Chía, who would have been the pivot of the separation. However, Shakira kept the decision, and did not back down, regardless of her ex-husband’s tears.

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In her new song, Shakira includes references to Pique and Clara. And, one of them, states that even if the person supplies, she would resume the relationship. Is that the phrase intended for this one? In addition, Shakira states in the song that this wolf (she) has no return.


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